July 22, 2010

typographical genius...

I'm not very good with words... but these make me wish I was...

Guillaume Apollinaire was an innovator of French poetry in the early 1900's

"It would be strange, during an epoch when the absolutely most popular artform, cinema, is a picture-book, if the poets did not try to create images for the thoughtful and more sophisticated souls, who will not be content with the filmmakers' clumsy imagination. The movies will get more sophisticated, and one can foresee the day when the phonograph and the cinema will be the only recording techniques in use, and poets may revel in a liberty hitherto unknown."

Here are some of his Calligrammes, which I absolutely L O V E
... and they're in French! which makes them all the more pretty ...

Guillaume Apollionaire1
Guillaume Apollionaire2

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