July 27, 2010

Design Explosion?

Once upon a time a stranger walked past my work and called it a 'design explosion'
At the time I was completely offended...
which I'm sure was partially due to the tone of his voice
and the disgusted look on his face, as he viewed my work and gave me his critique!

And now, I look at Basso and Brooke's Autumn/Winter Ready To Wear 10/11 collection...
the first words that came to my mind were

D E S I G N . E X P L O S I O N

I think Basso and Brooke's textile prints are totally irregular, brazen and mismatched

... in the best possible way ...

I can finally say I am very proud to claim the design explosion title


Basso and Brooke3
Basso and Brooke2
Basso and Brooke1

Basso and Brooke
Autumn/Winter Ready to Wear 2010/2011
London Fashion Week

See more of their fashion show here

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